PolyPhen-2 prediction of functional effects of human nsSNPs

PolyPhen-2 (Polymorphism Phenotyping v2) is a tool which predicts possible impact of an amino acid substitution on the structure and function of a human protein using straightforward physical and comparative considerations. Please, use the form below to submit your query.

WHESS.db provides quick access to precomputed set of PolyPhen-2 predictions for whole human exome sequence space (WHESS). It contains annotations for all single-nucleotide non-synonymous (missense) codon changes enumerated at each CDS codon position in the exons of 43,043 UCSC knownGene transcripts (hg19/GRCh37) with maximum sequence overlap and identity to known UniProtKB proteins.

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P06241 445 I F
NP_005792 59 L P
chr1:1267483 G/A
chr1:1158631 A/C,G,T