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Item File(s)
PolyPhen-2 standalone source code, see INSTALL
file included for installation instructions


Item File(s)
PolyPhen-2 bundled databases (3.7G) polyphen-2.2.2-databases-2011_12.tar.bz2
Precomputed MLC protein alignments (2.4G) polyphen-2.2.2-alignments-mlc-2011_12.tar.bz2
Precomputed MultiZ genomic alignments (1.8G) polyphen-2.2.2-alignments-multiz-2009_10.tar.bz2
MD5 checksums for all tarballs md5sum.txt


Item File(s)
HumDiv & HumVar training sets README
Whole human exome sequence space annotations README


Item Description File(s)
Nat Methods 7, 248-9 (2010) PolyPhen-2 paper PDF Supplement
Nucleic Acids Res 30, 3894-900 (2002) PolyPhen paper PDF
Protein Eng 12, 387-94 (1999) PSIC paper PDF
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