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 =====Job Opportunities===== =====Job Opportunities=====
-We are currently seeking ​postdoctoral fellows ​interested in identifying the roles of non-coding variants using whole genome sequencing of patients with rare Mendelian phenotypes. Interested ​candidates ​should ​contact ​Shamil with a CV and statement of research interests and background +Specific opportunities for postdoctoral fellows ​and staff scientists are posted on this page when available. Irrespectively ​of specific openings, we always encourage qualified ​candidates ​to contact ​us
-We also have an opportunity for a postdoctoral fellow interested in a computational project on the functional effects of coding variants. Generally, postdoctoral candidates with a strong background in computational biology, population genetics, protein structure or molecular evolution and interest in applications to human genetics, are encouraged to contact Shamil. 
-The Brigham Genomic Medicine (BGM) is also seeking ​full-time research scientist or computational biologist to help solve rare disease cases using computational genomics pipelines ​and bioinformatics tools, and to develop leading edge genetic algorithms that are essential to finding ​the genetic causes ​of rare phenotypesPlease see [[http://​careers.brighamandwomens.org/​JobDescription.aspx?​Back=1&&​jobId=2262379|the job posting]] for more information.+ 
 +====Position available: Postdoctoral Fellow in Statistical Genetics==== 
 +We are looking for statistical geneticist interested both in theory/​method development ​and analysis of large scale sequencinggenotyping ​and epigenomics datasets. Potential projects will include ​the analysis ​of regulatory variation; unresolved issues of allelic architecture and phenotype prediction; development of new methods for the analysis of large-scale sequencing datasetsExperience in statistical genetics will be considered as a significant plus, and understanding of evolutionary and general genetics will also be valuedHowever, we will consider all applicants with a strong quantitative background willing to learn and work at the forefront of the rapidly expanding field