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Daniel Balick's software and resources page

This page contains links to various software resources associated with our research. Feel free to email if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.

Selection, dominance, and demographic history

Below is the code for burden_sim, a simulation of the mutation burden for two populations after a split, as described in Balick, et. al. “Response to a population bottleneck can be used to infer recessive selection” (2013 preprint available here: biorxiv,currently under review). This simulation was also used in Do, et. al. “No evidence that selection has been less effective at removing deleterious mutations in Europeans than in Africans” (Nature Genetics 2015).


Code (written in C)

Compiled code

Burden simulation for simple (square) bottleneck:

Burden simulation for Gravel demography:

Burden simulation for Tennessen demography: