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 ~~NOTOC~~ ~~NOTOC~~
-===== Contact Us ===== 
-==== Opportunities ==== 
-Interested students and postdocs should submit an inquiry to Shamil(ssunyaev@rics.bwh.harvard.edu) or Karen(KBARRY6@partners.org). ​ 
-Our research projects are devoted to the analysis of human genetic variation and, specifically,​ of systematic resequencing data. We are broadly interested in the effect of mutations on molecular function, phenotype and fitness. Areas of interest include development of computational methods for predicting functionally significant human alleles, development of data-driven population genetics models, simulations of resequencing studies of phenotyped populations,​ and design of statistical methods to relate DNA sequence data to phenotypes. We actively participate in Medical and Population Genetics Program at Broad Institute of M.I.T. and Harvard. We plan to apply newly developed computational and statistical methods to DNA sequencing data produced at the Broad Institute. We are looking for individuals with experience in population genetics, comparative genomics and/or development of bioinformatics methods. Familiarity with protein structures is a plus. 
 ==== Address ==== ==== Address ====
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   Office: 617-525-4735   Office: 617-525-4735
-  Lab: 617-525-4758+  Lab: 617-525-5953
   Fax: 617-525-4705   Fax: 617-525-4705
   E-mail: ssunyaev@rics.bwh.harvard.edu   E-mail: ssunyaev@rics.bwh.harvard.edu