Mapping mutations

SNPtrack is a pipeline for processing Next Generation Sequencing Data targeted at elucidation of phenotype causing mutations by identifying phenotipically derived regions in the organism's genome (e.g. Zebrafish, Mouse, C.elegans, Drosophila...).

Designed to be used mainly by general scientific audience with no bioinformatics knowledge required.
Submit your data to our cluster and receive the processing results in a visual interface.
Get your mutation area with considerably less effort and materials required than with classical mapping approaches.

For detailed method description and citation please refer to: Leshchiner I, Alexa K... Beier D, Goessling W, Sunyaev S. Mutation mapping and identification by whole genome sequencing. Genome Res. 2012

SNPtrack manual can be found here. Sample results here.
Please use the latest versions of Google Chrome, other and older browsers may not fully support uploading of large files or interactive interfaces.
Attention! Next Gen. Sequencing data files are large, depending on your location uploading of 5-10Gb size files might take up to few hours!
Only .gz and .bz2 raw read (fastq) files are accepted currently! Please don't upload tar'ed directories or other unrelated files!

Upload affected (AF)

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