Disclaimer for the MS-BLAST Service at
Sunyaev Lab / Brigham & Women's Hospital / Harvard Medical School

The Washington University BLAST 2.0 version [Rel. 2.0MP-WashU, 01-Jan-2006] has been kindly provided by W. Gish via Washington University server [Thanks, Warren ;-)] (WU-BLAST 2.0, W. Gish, 1996, unpublished; for statistical theory see also: S.F. Altschul and W. Gish, Meth. Enzymol. 266, p.460-480). In WU-BLAST 2.0, gapped alignments are integral to the database search itself, yielding significantly increased sensitivity. Please see also: README written by Warren.

The input form is designed according to the advanced blast version provided by the NCBI

This server will be continuously updated so that data format and links to the other databases and sequence retrieval systems might change in the future.

Your feedback, criticism and suggestions are welcome and highly appreciated. Please, cite:


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