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  Shamil Sunyaev, Ph.D.
  Associate Professor
NRB 0466B
(617) 525-4735

Sunyaev Lab
    Ivan Adzhubey, Ph.D.
    Tobias L. Lenz, Ph.D.
  Research Fellow
    David Nusinow, Ph.D.
  Research Fellow
    Paz Polak, Ph.D.
  Research Fellow
    Victor Spirin, Ph.D.
  Research Fellow
    Daniel Jordan
  Graduate Student
    Alex Shpunt
  Graduate Student
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There is a postdoctoral position available in the lab. Please follow the link below for details.

Research Interests

We are interested in structural and evolutionary analysis of genome variation and divergence. We apply bioinformatic approaches to problems of evolutionary genetics and human population genetics.

Additionally we develop novel computational techniques for proteomics and for comparative analysis of protein sequences and structures.

Links below provide more information about our research.

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Graduate Programs
We are involved in the following graduate programs:
  • Biological & Biomedical Sciences Program at the Division of Medical Sciences, Harvard Medical School
  • The Harvard University Biophysics Program
  • The Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences & Technology Programs
And teaching a course on Computational and Functional Genomic for Predicting Gene Function (Biophysics242), co-teaching with Fritz Roth, Martha Bulyk and Marc Vidal. Please follow links below for details on these programs.
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